Plate Pushing

Well missed my Monday workout due to snow closing so the girls and I went tonight. Which mean we will be going three days in a row…don’t know if that’s good but we will see how the body takes it. You may wonder what plate pushing means well …it’s something over the past 2 weeks that I cringe when I see it on the board. It’s a 45 pound weight that you basically slide across the gym floor. Doesn’t sound so bad right..ha well it has it’s moments. The first time I did it I got about 3 steps and fell over took 3 more steps and fell over so on and so fourth I think you get the picture. Wasn’t pretty was very frustrating and believe it or not was out of breath trying to do it. Well I can say today I tackled it I managed to push the plate all the way across with out stopping without falling over without being totally out of breath. I’ve never been so happy. I’m finding over the past 4 1/2 weeks that I’m not afraid of doing anything I’m just afraid of failing. I’m trying to push myself to it’s limit and I’m trying to get myself to realize it’s not failing if you try. Each time I do another exercise I see that It’s getting easier. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I know this is only the beginning of the new hot sporty momma that I am looking forward to looking back one at all that I’ve accomplished.



Road to a 5k

Well today I started running again worked out on the treadmill completing a mile running off and on. Miss it …but ready to continue my journey today was day one….one step closer to my goals


I’m Back

Well it’s been awhile since I haven’t been able to just sit down and have a moment to just write down what’s going on with my progress. It’s been 3 weeks. I’ve started this adventure to my new hot sporty momma self determined which very quickly met a wall I like to call the stomach flu. It took almost 2 weeks of being sick missed 2 workout classes couldn’t eat worked out and got sick I mean worked out to the point I was getting sick during and after working out. I felt very defeated. Even with all the support of my lovely hot Mommas, the awesome trainers at AllStar, the amazing new workout peeps whom we all just met in class and my family I didn’t think I could continue. I’ll admit I really thought about bowing out. I finally sat down with two of my biggest supporters (besides my girls) MaryJo and Phil. Went through my eating plan and talked about the workouts. I came out with encouraging words and a new eating plan start the 21 day detox dropping my weight watchers. I started following the plan continued attending the workout sessions and started to feel better physically and mentally. I made it through a session without getting sick and started to feel better. Who would have thunk eating more, cutting out carbs, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, all dairy except eggs would be the answer. Well I’ve been on this detox now for 13 days. Feeling stronger and better miss my cheese but Still have a long way to go. Over the past week I’ve dropped several times trying to finish an exercise that I never thought I could do but the encouraging words from people whom just four weeks ago were complete strangers at the times when I needed it most are now extended family. THANKS Those few words mean so much. That brings us up to this morning…weigh in the four week point today. I woke up sick to my stomach and nervous. I was afraid that I wasn’t gonna have any numbers let alone good numbers. Friends posted on Facebook encouraging words I’ve never been so motivated to get to the healthy LEAN hot sporty momma that I could be and today the scale proved I can do this. I lost a some weight and a small amount of body fat but I LoST. Im ready for the next four weeks to up the anti and continue on this path. I plan on getting back to my running but starting off walking in a 5k next week as long as we don’t have 3 feet of snow. I’ve started the change and I’m NOT going back. I CAN and WILL be victorious and you know what it’s ok if I fall occasionally because I know I have been blessed with the best support system a HoT Sporty Momma could ask for. Now on to week five …




Day 1 Longest 13 steps to the top

Yesterday was day 1 of my transformation to the Hot Sporty Momma. Yesterday I woke up not so hot and sporty was in bed all day sick. Got up this morning and pushed myself to go to work a little late but better then never LOL through out the day I was feeling horrible kept hearing from friends that maybe you should put off attending your first workout tonight. Something inside me just couldn’t say I’m not going I was I was afraid if i didn’t take the first step the first day I would always find an excuse. I hooked up with my other hot Mommas took the long terrifying car ride to All Star Sports Academy. I’ve never had fear like this worried about my health am I gonna drop like a sack of potatoes, am I gonna be able to finish (will I be able to walk after LOL), am I ready to face reality. The first step was huge and hard on to the green turf. I pushed myself to limits that I didn’t know I had. My breaking point believe it or not was three quarters through when I was doing my first set of push ups…which by the way I won’t be winning any contest for them and will now have to stop telling my son he does push ups funny because I used to do push ups growing up with the best of the boys…I realized how bad the shape I am in. I actually was to the point of crying because of how emotional I got when I heard a voice say it’s ok your doing good stop counting and just do one…and when I did one more she say see you got this…it wasn’t me, it wasn’t one of my hot Mommas, it wasn’t one of the coaches but a complete stranger next to me who must have saw I was at my breaking point. I don’t know what to say but THANK YOU that gave me the final push to go to my limit. I’m not gonna lie to myself and say I’m not scared anymore I flippin petrified. But between belief in myself, my hot Mommas, and the All-Star team ( whom also gave encouraging words while pushing me and taking the time to make sure that I was ok and doing it the right way while I was focusing on not passing out) and the light I see in my kids eyes as the question me to death on what kind of things I did while cracking up laughing as I do with me attempting to get off the couch can and will get me through this to the Hot Sporty Momma that I know I am. Now your probably thinking what’s the 13 longest steps to the top is….well it’s the steps it takes to get up stairs no lie it was horrible I felt like I was climbing Mount Everest but it know that it’s only gonna get easier from here I just have to keep remembering it’s one step at a time…

This morning well let’s just put it bluntly HOLY SH*T I feel muscles in my body that I haven’t felt in a long long time but I’m DETERMINED 😏



The Weigh In

Today was the first step in my journey to my hot sporty momma self. I sit here with mixed feelings weigh in was a big reality check never thought I could be so heavy and out of shape which made me feel well not very good and a little discouraged but then I looked around and realized I was surrounded by amazing women that are in my life the not only are participating in this 8 week transformation program with me but are a huge part of my support group. They have always been there with either and encouraging word, just for a great laugh, or to tell me to get off the flippin pitty train. I am BLESSED!!! Thank you ladies for being in my life and for telling me when I need to quit my negative shit. This is the year that I’m going to make real changes for my health in 3 years been I’ve been through back surgery, removal of possible ovarian and uterine cancer, survived a horrible botched surgery where my colon was punctured, end up close to losing my life due to being septic, had a life saving surgery losing my appendix and part of my colon…then just when I get back on my feet ran my first 5k fell to more potential pre-cancerous growths causing me to have a 4th surgery all along feeling horrible sitting thinking why me, feeling well it’s bound to happen to me…I’ve decided to take those things and look at them in a different light. I’m a survivor I can and will prevail through anything I can be and will be the HOT SPORTY MOMMA I have inside …I also have been blessed to have this opportunity to meet and become who I have been trying to be with the help of new friends in my life MaryJo, Phil, and their team of coaches at All-Star sports academy. I’m ready …I’m scared….but I know I’m blessed …so I guess what I’m saying is …the weigh in is my start to the crazy a** life of the hot sporty momma…otherwise know as ME



The Beginning..

Well I’m sitting on my couch freezing my a** off…if only it was that easy.  I am a dedicated momma and wife.  Proud of my children and whom they are growing into.  I’ve seem to have lost ME while pour my heart and soul out into everything I do for my family and friends.  2014 I have declared is the year that my inner hot sporty momma comes out and shines.   Tomorrow is the beginning steps ..weigh in…I have decided to put it all out there and see where this takes me …wish me luckImage